Welcome to Gravigate

Welcome to GraviGate® The first safety gate with no springs attached.  And Gravi-T® hinges that allow a smooth swinging closure without the use of springs or messy lubricants.

⇒ GraviGate® & Gravi-T® hinges provide  SPRINGLESS & SELF-CLOSING GATES !


Welcome to GraviGate® & Gravi-T®  .

GraviGate® • Gravi-T®

 Safety Gates GraviGate® is the first safety gate with no
springs attached.

  • Manufactured from strong reinforced fiberglass
  • Rugged and maintenance free
  • Employs the innovative Gravi-T® hinge design
  • Eliminates springs
  • Available in standard and custom sizes
 Safety Gates Gravi-T® hinges allow a smooth swinging closure without the use of springs or messy lubricants.

  • Innovative design eliminates springs
  • Employs space-age polymer technology
  • Constructed of stong stainless steel
  • Insulated versions help guard against electric shock



GraviGate® safety gates help guard against falls at ladder way, stairway and floor openings. Made from strong reinforced fiberglass, our unique design is rugged, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.  Gravigate Applications

 Ladder Way Guards
 Floor Opening Protection
 Stairway Guard
 Mezzanine Walkways
 Roof Ladder Guards
 Tower Walkways
 Tower Ladders
 One Way Personnel Gates
 Gantry Entrances and exits
 Equestrian and Livestock
 Large Equipment Ladder
 Dangerous Equipment

Industries Served

 Paper and Pulp
 Food Processing
 Mining Equipment
 Water Treatment
 Off Road Equipment
 Amusement Parks
 Chemical Manufacturing
 Timber Handling
 Steel Handling
 Nuclear, Fossil and
Hydro Power



GraviGate® safety gates are extremely rugged and built to last. Each employs the innovative
Gravi-T® Hinge System.

Once the gate is opened, smooth swinging hinges allow the gate to return to its closed position without the use of springs or messy lubricants.

GraviGate® safety gates are available in standard and custom sizes. Our gates are built to last and are as dependable as gravity itself. Use anywhere safety, security and convenience are paramount.

 Zero Maintenance
 Extremely Rugged
 Long Lasting
 Safety Yellow
 Easy to Install
 Corrosion Resistant
 Stainless Steel Hinges
 Meets OSHA Standard 1910.23a
 Available in Standard & Custom Sizes