Introducing GraviGate® The first safety gate with no springs attached. And Gravi-T® hinges that allow a smooth swinging closure without the use of springs or messy lubricants.

⇒ GraviGate® & Gravi-T® hinges provide SPRINGLESS & SELF-CLOSING GATES !

The GraviGate® safety gates to help guard against falls at ladder way, stairway and floor openings.

Made from Strong Reinforced Fiberglass, GraviGates® are rugged, corrosion resistant and maintenance free.

Space Age Bearing material allows Gravi-T® hinges to swing safely to their closed position without using springs or messy lubricants.

Strong Stainless Steel hinge construction permits use in outdoor and corrosive environments.

 Gravi-T® hinges are electrically and thermally insulated to help guard against electric shock.

GraviGates® are long lasting, require zero maintenance and are easy to install.

⇒ GraviGate® & Gravi-T® hinges meet OSHA Standard 1910.23a

GraviGates® brochure – CLICK HERE